Realme’s 2020 Flagship Phones to Offer High Refresh Rate Screen, Company Executive Teases


Realme Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Xu Qi Chase has revealed that the company’s 2020 flagship model will feature a high refresh rate display panel. Chase didn’t give details on the flagship model but just teased the feature. To recall, Realme recently introduced the Realme X50 Pro in India with 90Hz refresh rate, and made it available in China as well, earlier this month. The Realme X50 Pro is the company’s first flagship of 2020 with Snapdragon 865 SoC, quad rear camera setup, and a dual hole-punch display up front. This latest teaser suggests that Realme looks to introduce more flagships in 2020, presumably in the latter part of the year.

Chase took to Weibo to claim that every flagship smartphone model that may launch in 2020 should come with a high refresh rate display. The Realme executive didn’t mention the exact refresh rate he is referring to, but it presumably should be more than 60Hz at the very least. While 90Hz and 120Hz refresh rates bring smoother animation and navigation, they also deplete battery faster. It remains to be seen how Realme tackles this problem, and finds a middle ground where users are able to use higher refresh rates without compromising battery life.

Samsung is reported to be working on a new Dynamic mode solution for the Galaxy S20 series, allowing the phones to automatically switch refresh rates based on the app and battery usage. The feature will reportedly allow phones to automatically switch to 60Hz refresh rate when the battery temperature goes above 42 degrees or if the battery level drops to 5 percent. Dynamic mode will also be strict with some apps like Google Maps that eat up a lot of battery power. The refresh rate will be switched to 60Hz when such apps are opened.

Realme could opt for such a solution, but it’s difficult to say at the moment. Its Realme X50 Pro offered 90Hz refresh rate, and the next flagship could offer more. All of this is pure speculation at this point.

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