Amazon Prime Video Introduces Profiles Like Netflix — Finally


It’s finally happened. After years of lagging behind its biggest competitor, Amazon Prime Video has finally introduced profiles. That means you and your family members can finally have your own separate recommendations, watch history, season progress, and watch list. In a bid to outdo Netflix, Prime Video subscribers can now create up to six profiles, up from Netflix’s five. For those who have kids, you can choose to designate any of them as a kid’s profile at the time of creation. You can also choose to let your children use the “Kids” profile that exists by default. New profiles can be deleted, except for the primary one. Though profiles have different-coloured avatars, there’s no option to change them currently.

This is great news for Prime Video viewers, especially in countries where the price of a Prime subscription — in the US, it costs $119 (about Rs. 8,900) a year — was too exorbitant to get a second subscription, just to have your own profile. Amazon did allow you to link two accounts as part of an Amazon Household, though that was hardly ideal, given you can’t log into multiple Prime Video accounts on shared devices. In India, Prime has always been a lot more affordable — it still costs just Rs. 999 a year — for everyone to have their own membership. Now with profiles, Prime Video becomes a better family service.

Amazon says that Prime Video profiles are currently available in selected countries only. If you’re not seeing them in your region, that’s probably why. Moreover, profile creation and management is only supported on select devices: Android and iOS devices, Fire tablets, Prime Video app on Fire TV (India-only), Chromecast, and select Apple TVs, and in browsers everywhere. You can’t create, edit, or delete Prime Video profiles on the Fire TV home screen, Alexa devices with a screen, Fire Gen 9 or below tablets, and other living room devices.

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