Google Allows Business Owners to Add Updates on Google Search, Maps if Affected by Coronavirus


Google has implemented a new feature that allows businesses affected by coronavirus to be able to provide updates to people that will show up on Google Search and Maps. According to Google’s support page, business owners can change their business hours, update their phone number, and manage other information on their My Business profile. The company wants users to know the most accurate information on whether coronavirus has impacted businesses and what changes are implemented by said business in such a case.

The official post states business owners will have to login to their Google My Business profile, either from desktop, Android or iOS devices, and add updates like new working hours if there has been a change in their opening and closing times. Owners can also manage their business information and let people know if their business has been affected by coronavirus. They can let people know what kind of precautions they are taking and if there are any delays. Business owners can also create Posts through which they can update what products are available and what have gone out of stock. According to Google, Posts will allow business owners to directly communicate with their customers.

In case the phone numbers of a business have changed, it can also be updated on the My Business profile page. Along with these updates that business can give to their customers, Google has also shared how they can do so with a list of steps for each feature. Whatever updates the business owners make on their profile page will be visible in Google Maps app as well as Google Search for the customers.

The search giant states the changes made by businesses may not immediately reflect on Google Search and Maps as they will be first reviewed for quality by the company and then approved.

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