Not allowed to marry, couple jumps into canal


Bodies found near Narmada canal in Mehsana; in video, youth cites parents’ objection to marriage as reason for suicide

The Mehsana fire brigade on Tuesday fished out bodies of a young couple from the Narmada canal. The couple supposedly ended their lives after their families refused to let them get married.

Officials of Mehsana fire brigade on Wednesday said they pulled out the bodies of Vishal Thakor (25) and Poonam Thakor (23) from the Sujalam Sufalam Canal in Visnagar taluka of Mehsana.

According to the officials, the couple had gone missing on Tuesday morning. Meanwhile, a purported video shot just before their extreme step went viral on social media.

Family members called the fire brigade which initiated a search. The bodies were found later in the day, tied by the waists with a piece of cloth, around 300 metres from the spot where they left their footwear and mobile phone.

Fire officer Haresh Patel said that Vishal had made a call to an acquaintance announcing their intent.

SHE team cop prevents suicide

Aconstable of the SHE team on Tuesday talked down a suicidal man who had perched himself precariously on an embankment over the river near Sabarmati East Riverfront. The spot was between Sardar Bridge and Ellisbridge.

Apasserby informed the police who immediately sent a SHE team to handle the situation. The man, resident of Raipur Darwaja, reportedly wanted divorce from his wife and was upset as there was no progress on that front. When the police team tried to speak to him, he asked for his wife and child to be produced. However, the police convinced him to be saved by the fire department’s river rescue team.

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