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NAVI MUMBAI: The inexplicable decision taken by the City and Industrial Development Corporation of Maharashtra Limited (Cidco) to stop publishing the details of its regular Board Resolutions on its website has been questioned by city based activists.
Senior RTI activist Sandeep Thakur has also complained to the Cidco officials seeking to know why something as important as its Board Resolutions are not being easily made available online, although these are directly connected with public interest. “It is rather surprising that Cidco has stopped updating on its formal website the details of its regular Board Resolutions since 2019. I even tried asking various officials concerned as to why such vital information is no longer being made available to the public, under Section 4 of the RTI Act, but have not yet got Cidco’s proper reasons or reply,” said Thakur.
He further stated that the Board Resolution meetings of Cidco deal with vital sectors like the new airport, roads, construction of new railways stations, environment among others; and hence the citizens have the right to know what their city planners are up to. “It is not like Cidco is working on some ‘top secret’ project or anything that cannot be disclosed to the public. Hence, I am demanding the authorities to restart the old practice of uploading all their Board Resolutions,” said Thakur.
When TOI contacted the Cidco PRO on this subject, she said that a formal comment will be sent once the official concerned is consulted. However, there was not response from the PRO till the time of going to press on Thursday.
When TOI directly contacted the Cidco company secretary, Pradeep Rath, to know why the Board Resolutions are no longer being published online, Rath said: “As a company secretary, my role is limited to attending the Cidco Board Resolutions; but not to upload the details on the website.”
However, Thakur countered: “I have also spoken to the technical official on this issue, and he told me that the details of the Cidco Board Resolutions are not being made available to the department in order to upload the same on the website. And when I later spoke to the company secretary, I was merely told that the uploading of the details has stopped after the tenure of the earlier Cidco MD, Sanjay Bhatia, was over. However, I have still not got any reason on this lack of transparency.”
Another city activist commented: “All the government bodies and agencies must endeavor to be as open and transparent to its citizens and RTI activists. Any attempt to block information from the people will only raise doubts and suspicion as to why such a stone-walling is happening.”

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