How to Tweet Intelligently, and Use Twitter


How to tweet intelligently

By now you know well the power of social media like YouTube, Facebook and especially Twitter, in directing attention to a specific issue. None could matter more to you than your online image and branding. Though Twitter has largely left its etiquette to individual discretion and an open source platform, here I address a commonly under-looked issue; your tweets.


Tweeting is all about cramming as much info into a mere 140 characters, much like text messages. That means you could simply bring your familiar short-hand text skills onto online messaging. It can build or break your followers. So be careful what you tweet about, and how go about doing it. Keep in mind to be yourself and focus on providing something of VALUE. Put intelligent thought into the kind of information you want in your tweets. Do be mindful of what topics are trending, which are conveniently displayed at the search box on the left of sign-in form, as well as news-style moving text at the centre-top of your Twitter account. In fact, riding on those trending topics could give you the needed exposure or even more followers.


Including hash-tags ‘#’ is another way you can conveniently ensure your tweets appear in searches. Do take the time to find out the popular # categories. My favourite ones usually have to do with the most recent trending topics, #quote and #nowplaying.


On retweeting, it is by far the best way possible to let others know you find their content/tweets interesting and to build rapport with them by engaging after they thank you. Do not just retweet every single thing; Only those you find interesting, inspirational, or worth the time of your followers.

With that said, cultivate a more wholesome, intelligent strategy around Twitter. Using discretion and common sense can get you far on a medium still in its infancy.

Yasser Khan

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