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AHMEDABAD: A 20-year-old woman on Tuesday filed a complaint against her elder sister, brother-in-law and another man for attacking her in the Paldi area as she denied going along with them on a long drive in an autorickshaw.
In her FIR with Paldi police, Kajal Chaudhari, a resident of Paldi, said that she went to a tea stall near her house on Tuesday afternoon. When she was having tea, her elder sister Guddi Madrasi and her husband, Ajay Madrasi came there in an autorickhaw and told Chaudhari to come along with them.
At that time, autorickshaw driver identified as Chetan Thakor also began insisting that she should come along with them. But Chaudhari denied to go along with them saying that she had some work at home.
This did not go well with the three who indulged into heated arguments and began abusing Chaudhari. The heated arguments took an ugly turn when Ajay pulled out a stick from the autorickshaw and began beating Chaudhari on her thighs.
As she tried to defend, he had hit the stick on her forehead inflicting critical injuries. Chaudhari started screaming for help and people gathered there and rescued her.
Meanwhile, the three accused fled from the spot.
Chaudhari was taken to L G hospital at Kankaria where she was being treated for her injuries. On her complaint, Paldi police have lodged an FIR of assault against the three persons.

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