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AHMEDABAD: City police on Tuesday booked a 25-year-old man under Parents and Senior Citizens act along with charges of crating public nuisance under the Indian Penal Code (IPC) sections as he used to drop his 70-year-old grandmother every day for begging at Shyamal Crossroads.
This complaint is the first case under the Parents and Senior Citizens Act in the city.
According to the FIR filed by PSI S K Barad of Anandnagar police, the grandmother — Tara Solanki, a resident of Shrinanadnagar in Vejalpur, was a beggar. Despite her age, her daughter’s son, Jigar Vadashara, used to drop her at Shyamal Crossroads to beg.
This way Vadashara created public nuisance and harassed people and passersby there.
An official of Anandnagar police said that ADGP Anil Pratham of women and children’s cell of the CID (crime) had spotted the woman during his morning walk a few days ago. Pratham had filed an application to file a complaint in the case.
On Tuesday, a team of Anandnagar police led by Barad went to the spot and found the woman begging in the area.
On being asked, she told the cops that her grandson dropped her there.
Another police official said that Solanki started shivering when she was brought to the Anandnagar police station and was given medical care first.
“She was scared thinking that she would be booked along with her grandson Jigar Vadashara, who is an autorickshaw driver,” said the official.
Vadashara was also brought to the police station and was granted bail, added the official.
Solanki’s daughter Madhu is a widow and depend upon her two sons mainly to earn livelihood by rickshaw driving and daily wages.

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